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    We all love these wonderful animals. We love their grace, their calming effect and just their presence . We invest in one or many for : companionship, breeding, showing, carting, wool production, etc..

    There is a certain amount of general ccare needed. We need to feed them, to provide some shelter. Llamas need to have their feet inspected periodically and their toenails cared for. They need to be sheared, not only to combat the evil heat stress, which can and does occur not only in the South but in any location, due to the combination of higher temperatures coupled with high humidity.

    And of course although the llama is a very hearty and strong animal, they do require necessary medical care, whether it be periodic shots & vaccinations, occasional eye treatment, or cria delivery.

    In the next few pages, we have tried to provide basic guidelines in the ccare of your LLAMA. Take the time to read through, as we hope we have provided good information which we have learned through many instances of working with our  beautiful animals. This is experience learned.


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